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My husband David and I are with our little Rottweilers Max and Chesty and enjoy riding motorbikes, attending local events and charity events, travelling, watching movies, hiking, camping, fishing and enjoying nature. I like to spend time with my family, attend political events, pilot private planes and stay up in the mountains at night with our dogs and cats. My husband David enjoys his job as a pilot, rides a motorcycle, visits friends and family in Montana and Wyoming, attends and travels to national and international events, watches movies, TV shows, music, movies and other entertainment, and enjoys spending time with his family.

I am honored to work in my hometown and to serve the community, and I am committed to the city, county, state, and future. Riverton is my home, I have great friends, family, friends of my family and friends from all over the country and the world who call it home. I'm in the gym supporting our team, taking sports photos, hiking, camping, fishing and hiking.

As I moved around, I discovered the Arapaho Reserve and an abandoned mining camp, which seemed to make less room for my camera. I stayed brave until I came to my wife Barb in August 1984, and we have been together ever since. There's no doubt that train carriages have brought wheels to the west, but I'm glad I didn't.

There was once a show band that put women in the foreground to play a series of big numbers that should have been seen and heard. There was a dance band that was designed to spend money at the bar, and there were a few other dance bands in town, but not much else. The band has certainly kept up with what it has been since Barb and I were eight months ago.

Al's music, it turns out, is what everyone in the state of Wyoming has a right to expect. We should enjoy the great outdoors, even if it was in a neighbouring state that has them in abundance. On our way out, we fell in love with the Wyoming highlands, and this part of the trip brightened Barb's mood. I am from Utah, where I lived for a year and a half before moving back to my home state of Colorado.

Saxophonist Rex Amend grew up in Riverton, Wyoming, where he was influenced by his father's music from an early age. Amy has been teaching music since she moved to Worland with her husband and two young children. She can rock like a little Linda Ronstadt, cover what we would call "the big ones" today, and all in her own way, without the help of a guitar, a drum or any other instrument.

The demands on music education have changed over time, but one of the demands was to play in the Riverton High School Marching Band, which I faced in school for a year and a half until I turned 27 - and spent half my time with a screaming coach in front of a chalk board. Willie makes music for every game that takes place during the week, from high school football games to basketball games and even baseball games.

Music is a Plan B option for Wright if his football career doesn't take off long, but music education was made a priority during his freshman year at the university. It's about being an artist, "he said of his decision to make music education the main subject in his second year at Witten University and then in his senior and senior years.

I know there are many people who have benefited greatly from being one of Mr. Watne's music students. I am sure that many students owe him a lot for the fact that they consider music an important part of their lives, even if it is not their livelihood.

He graduated from Riverton High School with a degree in business administration in 1978 and now works for the state of Wyoming. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Business Administration from Wyoming State University and currently serves on the boards of several local nonprofit organizations and the Board of Directors of the Wyoming Chamber of Commerce.

He has been involved in the organization of the Wyoming Association of Mortgage Brokers, where he was elected treasurer for the past five years. He is now a postman with the USPS and a member of the board of directors of the Riverton Chamber of Commerce and the State of Wyoming.

He and his wife, June Osborne Bailey, are lifelong Fremont County residents and have nine children and six grandchildren together. They married in 2005 and started a family in the community he loves and calls home. He came to Utah fleeing the injuries he had suffered in his world of college politics. The University of Utah was an excellent communications institute, which he liked for all the right reasons, supported him financially, intellectually and professionally, and gave him an early job as editor of a major national journal.

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