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Surrounded by family and friends after a brave battle with cancer, former Riverton High School football coach Ronald "Coach" Porter is dead. A celebration of Coach Porter's life will be held on Saturday, May 20, 2017, at the University of Wyoming Veterinary College.

Central Wyoming College, often abbreviated as CWC or CW, is a public community college in Riverton. Wyoming offers two-year associate degrees with a focus on business administration, business administration, public policy and management.

The college has an outreach center and offers online courses in addition to its main campus. Central Wyoming College offers about forty programs, including bachelor's, diploma, and vocational degrees, all of which take advantage of the college's historic and geographical location. The college also provides more than $1.5 million in scholarships and scholarships to ensure that students from low-income families in the Riverton region have more opportunities for higher education. In addition, Central Colorado College, the state's largest community college, provides scholarships to students of color, women, and people with disabilities to help them access a high quality of life and better opportunities for higher education. With over 2,000 students, it also offers bachelor's degree courses in business administration, business administration, politics and management as well as business administration.

C is part of the government-supported Student Support Services Program, which provides free tutoring, counseling and transfer counseling to students, as well as financial assistance and scholarships for students in need.

Although the idea of a community college for the county was originally developed by community leaders in the 1950s, CWC was founded by one district - with broad voting in 1983 and first broadcast by KCWC-TV in 1984. KC WCW - tv went on air in 1983, and since then students who have signed up for radio and journalism have been running the station on Riverton's cable system with Channel 4. The students with a focus on television broadcasting complete their studies at the University of Journalism and Mass Communication. CW C is the only Wyoming college that can bring educational television to the area via RiverTON cable and has a fully operational studio.

The college's newly established foundation is devoting part of the campus property to developing a community that would attract industry to Riverton through education-oriented education. In 2020, Central Wyoming College will begin a bachelor's degree program in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), which will allow students to earn a bachelor's degree in science.

The campus site, which houses the college's equine study program, is about a mile east of the main campus in Riverton. It is used for both recreational and educational purposes, but is now known as the Central Wyoming College Equestrian Center, located four miles south of Lander and home to the College of Equine Studies.

Central Wyoming College maintains classrooms in communities 25 miles outside Riverton. In addition, the College Board selects locations for its campuses from a list of more than 1,000 locations in Wyoming and the United States. The university council also chooses the location of its campus from the community of Lander, a city of about 1.5 million people in western Wyoming. It also owns a student radio station, Central Wyoming Public Radio, a television station and a newspaper.

In 1964, the Wyoming Community College Commission informed a Fremont County planning group that the site dispute had to be resolved before the proposed college was seriously considered. However, the advocates of Lander School remained stubborn and returned to the Commission in 1965 to propose the location of the university in the county town.

College staff became aggressive in gathering resources and stepped up their efforts to write scholarships to get the college back on track. Central Wyoming College secured millions of dollars in grants to ensure that it was a viable alternative to the Lander School location for the future of the University of Fremont.

One form of sports betting is handy in the cowboy state, but it could lead politicians to consider more expansive strategies. If the Northern Arapaho were successful in casino efforts to launch sportsbook betting, bets could be accepted in casinos throughout the state. This tactic takes advantage of the fact that the US Supreme Court rules that states do not have laws explicitly banning sports betting, as is the case in New Mexico and Wyoming. The federal decision was in favor of providing the right for tribes to conduct sports betting independently of state laws.

That means that the only states that share a border with Wyoming and don't have sports betting are Idaho, Nebraska and Utah, meaning this year's elections will be called Idaho / Nebraska / Utah. There are already live lists of legal rosters, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore Wyoming's natural wonders. This is the Wild West we call home today, but there is more to it than that.

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